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Summary: Cooper tells Truman and his deputies about the latest possibly prophetic dream -- and tries to discover what it might say about Laura's killer.
Notes: Takes place in Twin Peaks in early season 2 -- shortly after 2.01, but otherwise unspecified. Spoilers for Twin Peaks up to 2.01 are vague but not nonexistent; BtVS spoilers only in the strictest sense. However, without being familiar with both works to a degree this might not make any sense. I didn't edit this one -- hope it's clear enough. I got the idea this morning and didn't want to wait.
Characters: Cooper, Truman, Andy, Hawk, Lucy. One other (a surprise!).
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Length: ~560 words.
Rating: Probably PG.
Genre: ...Comedy, I guess. Gen.

Cooper ushered Harry into the meeting room he had already set up, and where Andy, Hawk, and Lucy were already sitting. "I had another dream last night," Cooper began. "And I thought I would lay out some of these," he said, gesturing around the room, "to help interpret it." He looked at Andy quizzically. "Andy, are you eating my display?"

"Srrry! Ws smm hngrr ddn't knw..." were the panicked sounds Andy uttered, contrition coming over his face. He swallowed hard and continued, "I'm sorry Agent Cooper, I had no idea that these were part of the investigation and not just a platter out for breakfast...." Lucy rolled her eyes, but bit her tongue. She had somehow managed not to start stuffing her face, and she was pregnant.

"That's all right, Andy," Cooper said. "I should have specified what this was for. Just, don't eat the rest. I had another visit from the spirit world, I suspect."

"Another one?" Truman said. "First the dwarf, now the giant, and now --"

"Yes," said Cooper enthusiastically. "This man was...not like the others. Very unexceptional in appearance. Medium height, bald, thick, black-framed glasses, a shabby suit. And he had with him these," Cooper gestured again to the display. "I think it has something to do with Laura's killer. He said three things -- three warnings, perhaps. I don't remember his exact words, but first he said that he made a little space...for these. I think this might represent the way Laura had to make space for her secret, double life. Second, he said, and I remember this precisely, 'These will not protect you,' holding these up. I think this was a statement that Laura recognized the dangers on the path she had undertaken. And finally, he said," and Cooper picked one element off the platter and display, "I wear this, it does not wear me. I think this was to say that Laura believed that as much as her descent into the underworld was going to cost her, she did not want to be defined by it. Then he held these up before the dream ended. The only problem I have is that I don't know how this helps the investigation -- I was hoping you could help with that. What is the meaning of this symbol? Maybe...eating too much can clog the heart, and Laura's heart was blocked off?"

Harry looked pensively at the platter before him, then at his team, and then looked squarely at Cooper. "Well, I think we should follow up every lead. But Coop, you know, it might just be a dream. This seems like a long shot."

Cooper nodded. Somehow, talking about the dream aloud, it was harder to be sure whether it meant much. "All right. I suggest that we talk to local supermarkets, dairy farmers...think of any other symbolic meanings. We won't let it interfere with the rest of our investigation."

Harry agreed, and the team made a few calls and brainstormed for another little while, before they all, even Cooper, recognized this was perhaps a dead end. The investigation continued unimpeded from where it had been before his dream.

"Diane," Cooper said in his next recording, "I keep having the nagging feeling that this dream did have some meaning, that this -- this Cheese Man holds the key to finding Laura's killer. And yet.... I think in this case, it may well be that Sheriff Truman is correct. Sometimes a cheddar is just a cheddar."


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