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Summary: Cooper tells Truman and his deputies about the latest possibly prophetic dream -- and tries to discover what it might say about Laura's killer.
Notes: Takes place in Twin Peaks in early season 2 -- shortly after 2.01, but otherwise unspecified. Spoilers for Twin Peaks up to 2.01 are vague but not nonexistent; BtVS spoilers only in the strictest sense. However, without being familiar with both works to a degree this might not make any sense. I didn't edit this one -- hope it's clear enough. I got the idea this morning and didn't want to wait.
Characters: Cooper, Truman, Andy, Hawk, Lucy. One other (a surprise!).
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Length: ~560 words.
Rating: Probably PG.
Genre: ...Comedy, I guess. Gen.

Cooper ushered Harry into the meeting room he had already set up, and where Andy and Hawk were already sitting. )
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Spoilers up to S2E13 and also mild spoilers for Blue Velvet, Bride of Frankenstein and some Buffy. (Rosemary, don't read until after "Checkmate"!)

So I've been watching Twin Peaks for the first time lately. [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy asked for a little commentary -- and, well, I think I'm just scratching the surface of this fascinating show. But here's a few things that have come to mind while watching so far. The thing that really compelled me to write this is a bit of dialogue at the end of "Checkmate":

Read more... )

On a somewhat related topic, has anyone seen Lynch's Dune? I recently read the first two Dune books, and it's got Kyle MacLaughlan, Patrick Stewart, Virginia Madsen, Sean Young, Max von Sydow, Sting, Brad Dourif, Everett McGill, Jack Nance, Linda Hunt.... I also hear it's very hard to get through.


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